Moxie Stories was created out of inspiration at its purest. My father lived the American Dream. He was born into an immigrant family in the Bronx, New York. His rags to riches story is charming and relatable, and the lessons learned both in business, and in life, transcend generations. They teach you. They humor you. They move you.

I had asked my father on numerous occasions to write a book, rather than let his memories just fade into the sunset. The idea was always met with resistance—after all, my dad had retired. His work was done. He didn't have the patience to sit down and just write for weeks. And the thought of messing with computers?  Forget about it. As successful and educated as he was, I just don't think he even knew how or where to begin.

So I hired a writer to take on the project… and my dad. It was important for me to document my dad's story—he was quite the character and a great storyteller. I wanted my kids and grandkids to someday hear these same tales, in his voice. And I knew that I'd never be able to tell dad’s stories half as good as he could.

Despite living in a world where new digital technologies spring up every day, I had no doubt that my dad's story needed to be written on paper. After all, who saves old computers, VCR tapes, Facebook posts, tweets or texts? The right medium would need to be one that could never be out of date, or even extinct. A tactile medium that, just like his stories, is timeless.

Let us help you, in your words, pen your Moxie story.