Sometimes I think it’d be interesting to hear my story, and sometimes I think it would be boring. I hope it’s not boring. First of all, I want whoever reads this to feel that they don’t have to be intimidated by anyone. That if I could succeed, they could succeed.

My words of advice are to stick by your guns and don’t let anybody run over you. I imagine most people just sit and take it. They don’t fight back. To me, that’s unbelievable. The only person who’s going to stand up for you in this world is you.  And maybe your mother. But in the business world, your mother’s not there and it’s up to you to fight for yourself.

Sometimes I had to fight with grit and street smarts. Other times I had to fight with attorneys, accountants, and professionals in a court of law. And most of the time, I came out on top. Why? Because I never quit.

I want people to know one thing: don’t let the bastards get you. I hate saying it that way, but nevertheless, don’t let the bastards get you.

In business, the big fish eats the little fish. But sometimes, the little fish eats the big fish.

This is the story of a little fish with a big appetite.